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When I got a call from Matt Hyde asking me if I could take a look at his site and help refresh it, I immediately said “Absolutely!” Dr. Hyde and his staff are wonderful people who truly care about their patients. Matt’s old site had been done completely in Flash, and it was not running as well as it could on modern browsers.

After looking things over I suggested a complete overhaul so that we could use straight HTML and CSS to present the practice on as many platforms as possible. The build was done using PHP and Javascript to keep things simple and to be able to do things like protect the Contact Form as much as possible from spammers.

I was able to reuse many of the photos that were embedded in the Flash movie, and Dr. Hyde's terrific staff had kept the word docs that were used to provide the text to the original Flash designer.

The folks at Plainview Dental are a terrific group of people, and if you're in the Long Island area and get a toothache (or just want a cheerful cleaning), be sure to stop in and say "Ahhh!"