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Childrens Medical Center, a multi-site pediatric practice in sprawling Fort Lauderdale, was busy expanding as a result of their “TLC” approach to treating their patients; they specialize in kids and moms bringing kids into the world. The challenge for them was finding the time to create a new web site that would highlight the caring and quality that marks their great interactions with their patients. They needed a well-designed web site that helped their clients get the information that they needed and fit the marketing and branding needs of the practice.

I created a new custom designed website for them, using a little bit of Flash to showcase the main offerings of the practice. Childrens Mdical needed to present their doctors and nurses, as well as the services that they provided. Among the vast plethora of pastel-toned medical sites, I designed a richly accented web site with tons of color. The overall effect is a website that stands out from the muted pastels of other websites in their market.

I also happen to be a big fan of Childrens Medical and the doctors and nurses there. Although I don't have any kids yet, I am inspired by their high level of care. I believe it was a wonderful privilege to have been selected by them for this branding web design project!