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Circupool credits their phenomenal growth to their dedicated approach in supporting customers in the world of residential and commercial pools. They specialize in salt pool chlorine generators, pumps, and replacement parts. When they launched the business, the challenge for them was finding the time to create a new brand presence that would reflect the quality that marks the way they work with their customers. They needed a new logo that could be clearly identified in their marketplace. I created a logo for them that was unique, readable, and bold.

Following close on the heels of the logo design, I created a new custom designed branding website. Circupool needed to showcase the growing line of products that they provided. To differentiate them from an ocean of uniformity, we designed a vibrantly accented layout with loads of information, product shots, and Calls To Actions. The overall effect was a website that stands out from the muted tones and dated designs of other websites in their market.

Not long after the Circupool site was launched, we were called upon to help select an eCommerce solution. After doing some research and working with company owners Ken and Don Uhle, we settled on Big Commerce. This eCommerce site allows for a great deal of customization, so we created graphics and CSS to align the look and feel of the online store with the company web site.

We are great fans of Circupool and the folks behind the scenes there. I am deeply inspired by their high level of dedicated customer service which has developed a loyal following over the years. I count it a great privilege to have been selected by them for this branding, web design, and eCommerce project!