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Collete Ceilings and Drywall is a sub-contractor for high-end architectural firms, interior design firms, and general contractors. Paul and Kim Collette needed a web presence in order to better market their products and services to their prospects and existing clients. They specifically requested an easy to use web site that flowed from page to page in a logical fashion. They also wanted a high end look, with restrained, custom website design that would properly represent Collette, while not overshadowing the classic and dramatic designs of their clients.

I worked with care in the design phase of this project to ensure the Collette’s aesthetic expectations were met. Together, we also worked diligently to create a content gathering process that would be enjoyable, so that images and text could be efficiently pulled into new and lush website.

I was thankful to have been chosen to work on this striking web design project. And the fact that Kim and Paul are professional and easy to work with makes this project even sweeter!