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I met John and Rose Shelley at a luncheon and reunion that included a bunch of great folks that I’ve known for many years. John and Rose are CPAs, and they mentioned that they had been looking for a web site designer and developer, but hadn’t found anyone they felt they could work with. They really wanted to get their business online and their brand on the web, and they also needed an online secure file transfer area where they could exchange sensitive finacial documents with their clients.

I am very grateful to work with them: John knew what he wanted to say, and he wrote some terrific copy that was also on target for SEO! Rose has a good eye for photography and sent great pictures of the firms offices. Clients who understand that web content is what represents them to prospective clients and to search engines are exceptional!

The Shelleys are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and two of the smartest as well. If you have numbers that need crunching, give them a call right away!