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I was gratified when long time client Dr. Herbert J. Breger referred Petra Peters and Daniel Baumgartner of Terra Nova Asset Management to us. This Manhattan financial firm has a firm belief in both their mission and their design philosophy: Plan for the long term!

Founding partner Daniel Baumgartner had handled the company’s web presence for a number of years, using “Frontpage” with great effectiveness in order to present Terra Nova’s branding message. The site was also used as a distribution point for Petra Peters's quarterly financial newsletter. However, as the firm grew, Daniel decided to seek outside help in managing the web site. I’m glad that Dr. Breger mentioned my name! Among other things, the site needed to implement secure file transfer so that employees could drag and drop financial reports into client folders with ease. The same ease of use was applied to client pick ups.

Petra, Daniel, and the rest of the folks over at Terra Nova Asset Management are terrific folks! Give them a call when you're ready to turn a million dollars into two million. : )